The Renaissance Thinker

I have been blogging off and on for a while. I stop and start again.  I will have this amazing topic that is well rounded and relevant to many.  Then I will side tracked and my life will take a new twist. I started blogging  back in 2009 when I decided to attempt to home-school my very unique , then 9 year old son.  I succeed to post two whole  before I was side tracked.  I was not dedicated to blogging I was  focused on home schooling him and desperately failing.    I have recently befriended a guy who is a fantastic stay at home dad who has become a regular blogger. He is a fellow wordpress blogger, even.

 I read his blogs loyally.  It got me to thinking,  What makes a person dedicated?  A group? A  cause?   A recipe? How does one keep up with blogging?

 I write. I make films, I care for the mentally ill. I am a mother to a teenage boy. I love to read. I love to discuss films and current events and the  sociology-ecological and economic impact those events have on society, so what do I blog? Who will read the blogs and who will care? I  got to thinking. I am a Renaissance woman.  A lady with much ability but  not enough  focus.

I have read a lot about the Renaissance Soul, a term coined to discuss a person who wants to do it all but can not find focus. A book by Margaret Lobenstein, MA, The Renaissance Soul,

Sums up my life in 297 pages. I have decided in the next year to chose one passion and run with it or chose them all and be a human Wal-Mart. but with  much more enthusiastic greeter ability. 

 The truth is,  I am  the Queen Bee Renaissance Soul. I have held many a job ( mainly in the human service field such as working with the mentally ill, I loved the job hated the pay, and I have worked with individuals with intellectual delay. I have worked retail and restaurant. I even did a short non significant stint in the United States Army.( Medical discharge in Basic..I ,know embarrassing, right). The one passion I come back to time and time again, Writing! be it for film novel, blog, , even writing notes to my son’s teachers can give me writers high.  So the natural solution for me will be to write, right? Even my dearest friend from college  told me flat out and in a bold manner that I needed to stop chasing studious odd jobs and do what   I do best and write. So I am going to contact This Margaret Lobenstein, person and see if she can indeed help me get unstuck.


About Renaissance mom

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, "missus", friend and foe. That sums up who I am. I am a writer, advocate, film maker, film fixer, lover of all things pretty, and accept all things odd and wonderful this explains what I am. I am here, there and everywhere in between. this sums up where I am. I live as I mean to go on. this sums up how I am. I am who I am this explains why I am.
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