To Teach The Unteachable

Today I finally broke down and told the mother to the 15 year old girl I baby sit that I feel like I am wasting her money and my time. I was offered a position with a school district. the pay is a joke and the hours are sadly under my need but I would be “teaching” and potential to advance to a full time position. The young girl is  wasting away with no education or hope for the future. She is so sheltered that she honestly does not comprehend the damage she is doing by resisting any form of formal education. I am not sure why her parents just flat out gave up on any form of education for this  young lady.  The statistics are dismal. Most children not getting educated live in dismal conditions in third word nations. according to a post in the magazine, The Guardian, dated, Monday 20 September 2010 , 70 million children go with our any formal education. For the girl I “baby sit” this is not something she should be involve din statistically.  her parents have access to many alternative high schools and even home school networks but here I sit at her Kitchen and she is sleeping in  her parents bed because no one monitors her at night and she has no accountability. This us ridiculous. Is it the easiest job I have ever had yes. Is the money good? Yes. Why am I bitching? Because I could actually be working and earning my money. I wish I could work with her. I wish I could get her excited about learning but she has no motivation, no desire, no accountability.  I am baby sitting a 15 year old teenage girl who wants to be a 7 year old girl the rest of her life. Did she have a traumatic experience in school?  Yes. She has Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

 Coupled with an autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis

Makes for a young lady with little hope of survival in the cruel concrete Jungle of modern civilization. It would be okay if she was being taught how to cook, how to clean, how to mend. She could maybe then  run off to an Amish community. But she needs at least basic math, reading and writing skills at her age level. If she is mentally 9 years of age, fine, then let us teach her like a 9 year old child would be taught. but to let her sleep all day is detrimental to her future.  I feel I am enabling her and by sitting here typing this blog post in lei of teaching her, am I taking advantage of the decent pay? I could do so many more things with my day. I could do Web cam for heavens sake and make a six figure income. But I sit here typing a blog because I am bored off my rocker while the girl sleeps and waste her life away.  I want to understand this young lady. so I of course refer to books and Google things like, “Asperger teenage and girl, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I find books like this:

 or This

 but these authors put their children in schools and don’t “home” them. It is an alien concept for me. I hate not working with her. I hate wasting my hours. I can fill them with writing, studying, heck even doing web cam work. I can look for other jobs ( which, trust me, I do) I can even train her two lap dogs. That have a lot of potential to be something other then a living stuffed animal.

 So I am back at square one, here. I want to keep this job and all its zero stress but I also want to be challenged. even if that challenge means lower pay for a while. I have more or less accepted the  school job and if I do accept it I start  Next week but I also hate the idea of job hoping. I will just have to see how the meeting with the mother goes tonight. The most important issue here is the fact I want to see this young lady offered the same opportunity as her  peers. I want this young lady to realize sleeping all day is not a realistic life goal.


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